One Person

After years of waiting and waiting, I got it! After years of patience, my dream came true! After years of struggling, it is time to relax and enjoy now. I can touch it. I can see it. I can smell it. It is real! Finally, it is real!

After years of praying, my prayers came true. It is so true when they say Allah has three answers to your prayers:

  1. Yes
  2. Not now
  3. I have better plans for you

To this particular prayer; the answer, for years, was “not now”! And now, it happened. My prayers have been answered. …. Thank You Allah!

When you achieve what you have always waited and prayed for, the joy is indescribable. It is beyond words. If I keep writing and writing, I still wouldn’t be able to find the right words to describe and express my feelings.

However, after all that, there is one thing missing! After all this remarkable achieve, my happiness misses something. My joy is not complete. I always thought that if this specific dream comes to reality, I would be flying and jumping, because it’s the door that leads to my other goals. However, after jumping and screaming out of happiness, I realized that …. One thing is missing.

Sharing your success and happiness with the people you love and care about is what makes the whole thing worthy. Yes, I did share it with my family, friends and everyone I love and who cares about me.

But …. one person!

The one person who fought for it for years is not here! The one person who helped me go through all the difficulties is not here! The one person who never lost hope and always believed that it will come true, sooner or later, is not here! The one person, who lived all his life to see this dream come true…. is not here today to share with me the pleasure.

He is no longer here!

My dear grandpa is not here today to celebrate with me.  My dear grandpa left before he sees me reaching my aim. My dear grandpa is no longer here to join me the contentment. My dear grandpa is not here to tell me, with a big smile on his face, “I told you, you will eventually get it”.

May his soul rest in peace!


3 thoughts on “One Person

  1. Reading this got me all teared up. May Allah rest his soul. I couldn’t be happier for you! Just know this, the door is open now, and the sky’s the limit. Make all your hopes and dreams come true!

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