I have became a Mombie

I couldn’t stop laughing when I saw this post on Instagram. Being a new mum (for two months now), I totally can relate to this…I have already been interrupted few times by the baby’s crying while writing this post..!

Regardless of what people tell you about pregnancy and parenting, and regardless of what you read, what you will go through will be a whole different experience. It is quite an interesting experience I would say.

To me the first few weeks were the worst! I was barely able to sleep. The baby didn’t build a sleeping pattern yet (she used to wake up every 2 hours, that only if she slept..!) And because I wasn’t used to her, and the whole thing was new to me, I couldn’t sleep even if I wanted to. I used to watch her all the time, literally all the time ( reading about the SIDS- Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). The only time I could get some rest was when I make sure that my husband or my mother were were watching her. ( I know I was being overprotective,, I think I’m still!). And the bad news is that the coffee did not have any effect on me, so literally I looked like a zombie.. I mean a Mombie!

But guess what? You will forget all the pain you went through during pregnancy or delivery and you will forget about all the sleepless night you had (and the sleepless nights you will have) the moment your baby smiles at you for the very first time…!

For me, when my baby smiled at me for the first time, I just couldn’t contain my happiness. It felt like the whole world smiled at me. And, now every time she smiles or responds to me when I play with her, I feel like jumping from happiness. And I can’t stop telling everyone that she knows how to smile now and responds to voices. It is just overwhelming..!

Whether being a mombie or not, I’m enjoying every experience I’m having with my baby. Everyday is a new experience for both of us. And, the strength that I get from her, makes me believe that I can conquer the world if I want to..!

And, the good news is that you can kiss goodbye to routines, as there is always new actions when you have kids…

God bless all Moms 🙂


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