A Healthy Lifestyle…. Say What?


I woke up at 4 am, and for some reasons I couldn’t go back to sleep. So, I started checking Instagram feeds, hoping it will help me fall back asleep. And, while I was checking posts of different accounts I’m following (I like reading the comments on the posts, it introduces me to different accounts; interesting accounts sometimes) I came across an account of a dietitian specialized in minerals, and another account of a nutrition Doctor with a PhD in nutrition science. I started reading their posts on healthy food, different minerals body needs to function properly and their levels needed in the blood, and food to avoid to live a healthy life.

Well, all this was good. Of course as a mother (and for myself as well) I want to know all that. However, the food need to be avoided is almost everything we eat everyday. That means, I need to give up on everything I eat. Literally everything (this shows how unhealthy my food is!)

Let’s say I have built a good healthy diet for my family and myself to follow. And, my children’s diet is controlled and contains only healthy food. But what if we went to visit a family and there were other kids having all these junk food? What if, without my permission someone gave my kids candy as sort of welcoming?

So, I kept on thinking how I’m going to do this. Temptations are everywhere. If I can control my children from not having junkies at home, I definitely can’t control others. and it will be hard for my children to fight temptations, after all they are only children…! I don’t know how other mums are doing this, or whether doing it at all. But I would love to hear different opinions on this.

Anyway, I have decided to follow them (on both). I will try to avoid all the junkies I have, exercise and eat healthy. And, let’s see how it goes…


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