Thank You September




The month of September was a start of many things for me. At the beginning of the month I prepared a list of plans and things I want to achieve and thankfully I have accomplished them. I kept my promise to myself and ticked all the items on my list. And, Iโ€™m really grateful for this.

First of all, I have decided it is the time to start blogging again. The thing I love to do the most โ€“after reading. I might have fallen behind with the writing and all; but I will not give up. I promised myself and this time Iโ€™m keeping my promise. It was the time for a positive change, and I took it. So, Thank you September!

Second, I have been on the vacation that I needed for a very long time. And, it came exactly at the right time. And because of this awesome break, I have falling back in love with life again and started living it to the fullest. And most importantly, I learned not to let the life burdens take me from the life itself again. Because I know that when you love life, life will love you back. And to be positive and stay positive you need to love life. And once you love it you will be able to enjoy every fine detail in life. And everything will appear beautiful to you. So, Thank you September!

Third, I have registered for a writing bootcamp. Something that I have wanted to do for long but never had the courage to do so. But on September, I did it. I was and still so happy that I have signed up for it. It is the positive change I needed; the right community for me to be part of, full of beautiful creators and artists. And, I am learning a lot from them. So, Thank you September!

Last but not least, I will never let anyone to put me down and will never get affected by negative people. However, it gets really hard sometimes to avoid the negative people especially when they are part of your family. But in this case I learned to ignore as much as possible. Because I know Iโ€™m too vulnerable to negativity. For instance, on this month, I was in a situation where I could haven been so easily upset and put down by the negativity, and let all my effort be gone with the wind, however, I fought back the negativity and ignored every single word I heard. And, Iโ€™m planning to do this with every negative person I canโ€™t get rid of. Simply ignore.ย So, Thank you September!




And now, I would like to warmly welcome the month of October. A new month with new beginning, new focus, new goals and new results. So, Hello October!



4 thoughts on “Thank You September

    1. Well, anything to keep myself writing ๐Ÿ™‚ .. Plus I thought it would be good for me to go through the lessons learned and share them ๐Ÿ™‚ … thank you!

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