The Start of A Good Weather


You know what is really good about October; is that we kiss goodbye the summer heat. The weather starts to get cooler. The air conditioners go off, and the windows go open to enjoy the uplifting breeze.

Where I come from, throughout the year we get to experience only 2 seasons, summer and spring —it is supposed to be winter, but it doesn’t get that cold at all and it barely rains, so I can’t call it winter! So, we get really excited when we enter the month of October. Because we know it is the start of the good weather and we will get to enjoy the outdoor places.

I believe there is studies say that during the winter seasons the level of depression goes up. Guess what? It doesn’t apply here. Starting from October, till the beginning of April, the weather become amazing, and we love it the most. And I am sure that the level of depression goes to zero in my hometown during these months. Actually we get depressed when the summer comes!

And you know what else, we love rain, we beg for it actually. When it rains here, you get to see everyone outside. And by everyone I mean literally everyone! Everyone comes out of their houses, to play, dance, or walk under the rain. I bet if an outsider sees us, he might think we have gone mad! But seriously we really love rain.


Yes that’s who we are … Source:

The good weather during these months, brings the best out of me. I become more creative. My mood boosts. I become happier and my energy level goes up. And, I appreciate my surroundings more. It is fascinating how the weather can control our mood and feelings.

So anyway, yesterday my husband and I decided to go for a walk near the beach. And we took our daughter to practice walking –she is still in the learning phase. The interesting thing was that there were a lot of people out there, either exercising, just came for a walk with their friends, or picnicking with their families. Usually, here, you see people at the malls and the indoor places only, escaping from the heat. So, it was thrilling to watch everyone out.

We enjoyed the walk. It was really reviving. And, I can’t wait for the coming months, as the weather will get even better. And hopefully this year, the sky will be generous and pour some rain for us.


How is the weather in your country? And how much does it affect your creativity and mood?


10 thoughts on “The Start of A Good Weather

  1. We don’t have the summer, spring and all season here. What we have here is just basically the hot, rainy or wet, and cold season. As of now, we are still in the wet season, which should cease by November to welcome us to the cold season which we also call harmattan. I don’t rain that much, especially when I have to move about. The wetness is not welcome at all. The road is dirty, filled with rain water, and being where not all the roads are smooth and a good drainage system is not really available, everywhere is filled, but well, there is a good side, and that’s when it rains in the night. I love it cause I get to snuggle in my bed and fold myself like a foetus, clutching my blankie. Sun comes regularly here, and the harmattan comes during the end of the year, and everyone gets so cold, and there streets are dry. I’ve never really given much thought to what my favourite season is but I think it should be the harmattan.
    The seasons definitely affect my mood. When it’s rainy, I tend to be irritable. Everything is just… Bleary… To me. But well, it doesn’t last, so it probably doesn’t affect it that much, at least given that I’ve left the rain.
    Do you guys experience rain much?

    1. I totally get you. Here it barely rains. but when it rains heavily (which is also very rare) some places get really wet and might even sink because of the poor drainage system. but regardless, we love the rain because it doesn’t rain much here. And you know how human beings always long for things they don’t get (or don’t get very often). But seriously the summer heat here is so unbearable!

  2. We have all the 3 seasons here.
    Winter for 4 months summer for 4 n monsoon for the other four.
    It’s a pleasure to experience all the seasons in a year and this is very rare except India.

      1. I hope you enjoy rain soon too 🙂 if not at your place then somewhere else or may be India 😀

  3. Oh thanks dear! And seriously India is on my list of places that I must visit. I can’t wait to live its beauty in real and not only through the the movies 😆❤

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