Book Review/ One Summer in Venice



Title:               One Sumer in Venice

Author:           Nicky Pellegrino

Published:      2015

Length:           297 pages

Rate:                3.5/5 -my personal rate


Nicky Pellegrino’s new book One Summer in Venice is about a woman called Addolorata Martinelli, who is a chief who runs an Italian restaurant in London. Her restaurant gets a bad review and she discovers that her marriage is falling apart too. Her sister books her a weeklong holiday to Venice but she ends up spending the whole summer there aiming to find happiness. Along the way, she meets local people and become friends with them; discovers new passions and fall in love with Venice magic.


The story contained many food recipes, to an extend that made me want to cook, and I don’t enjoy cooking! But the passion of Addolorata for cooking was fascinating. The description of the food and the ingredients was so delicious. I almost tasted it.

I enjoyed the supporting characters a lot, mainly Coco, who was an older lady. She catches Addolorata’s attention for her flamboyance in dress and personality. All the way through the book I was so eager to know about her story more than Addolorata’s. Coco’s character was vivid and very interesting.

Another aspect of the book I enjoyed was the way she described Venice. It was very beautiful. The details of places and scenes were amazing. She showed Venice from the eyes of tourists and also from the local people who live there —When I was in Venice, I wondered how the locals live there, because the number of tourists is just very huge. And in my opinion, the structure of the city makes it kind of difficult to live there. But, I guess I’ve got the answer to my question from this story.

I didn’t like Addolorata’s character much. At the beginning I had some sympathy for her. But while reading further I got to know her personality more and felt that she was self-centered. And she never appreciated what she has got and what her family does for her.

Overall, it was a very lighthearted story. It was simple and delicious in different ways. And, it held my attention all the way through.


Lessons learned:

I believe behind every story told there are lessons to be learned. So what I learned from Addolorata’s story are:

  • Always appreciate what you have.
  • Happiness is not a destination; it is a journey. Every time you feel you are being overwhelmed with the burdens of life. Pause. And look around to notice it’s existence. Life gets so busy sometimes, and we get to forget what happiness is for us. But when we stop running, and take a time to look around we will realize it.
  • Escaping is never a solution. Always take time to realize what is devastating you and what will make you feel content.


From the book:

“Happiness is many things for me. Most of all it’s doing what I love, being with the people I care about, spending time in the places that make me feel anything is possible.”


Happy Reading…!


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