Hope is The Key


I had a rough week filled with anxiety and sadness. A lot of stressful things I had to deal with. And now I want to write about things I’m grateful for. I know I’ve got a lot to be grateful for. But the state of mind I’ve been at throughout the week just makes it difficult for me to realize the positives around me right now.

But no, I can’t accept this state of mind to stay longer. A week is more than enough. I have to free my mind from all the bad thoughts. So I took a deep breath hoping that it will help me to get rid of the negatives (even if only a little bit) and it’s when I realized it. From all the stress I’ve been through this week there was one positive thing. One positive thing that have always been there within me. That one thing which kept me going and helped me getting over all the stress. It’s Hope!




I know everyone has things going on with them. Everyone has their own issues and stress to deal with. It’s part of the life package. But then there are who accept all kind of issues and try to make changes and improvements. Try to get over them and not allowing them take over their lives. And not staying in this depressing state of mind for long. Those are the ones who always fight back and never give up on taking their lives back. They fall and get up. Fall again and get up. Never accepting to be defeated. They know they get to live only once. And they have to make the best out of it.

The second type of people are who don’t accept what happen to them. They think they deserve to be happy only and never be sad or stressed. And when something knocks them down, they lay down whining and complaining.

I have been gifted with hope. That’s why I consider myself lucky to be from the first type of people who always hope. Hope is the key that makes us, make me know that tomorrow will be a better day.

Life is all about highs and lows. You can’t get all highs, then you won’t appreciate them and it will never be fun. And definitely you can’t get all lows either. Because this is not how universe works. Everybody get their fair share of this life. Nothing lasts forever. Neither the cloud of happiness nor the cloud of sadness.

We just need to learn how to cope with all highs and lows we go through. Appreciate what we have. And work hard for what we want but in case we didn’t get it that means it’s no good for us. Not everything we want is good for us!

I’m grateful for having hope lighten up my darkest days. And for giving me the strength during the toughest days. And most of all, I’m grateful to be able to hope for a better tomorrow and believing in it no matter how bad was my day!



Have a blessed Friday everyone and remember hope is always the key!


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