Family where Life Begins & Love Never Ends


Fridays have a special meaning to me. We have a tradition that has been running for years in our family. When my Grandmother was alive (may her soul rest in peace), we all used to gather at her place on Fridays for lunch and spend the whole day together. And, now we have shifted the gathering to my mother’s place, and whoever wants to join from uncles and cousins are welcome. But my sister and I have kept this tradition among us. We bring along our own families, hubby and kids and gather altogether at mum’s place. My mother enjoys it, we enjoy it and our kids love it.

This Friday was different for some reasons. My sister and my mother, both were away for holiday.So, you can imagine how lonely my Friday was for me. The loneliest Friday ever!
Even though this made me sad, but it made me realize what I have got and be grateful for it. And never take things or people for granted.




I’m really blessed to have my mother in my life. My mother means everything to me, she is my mother, my mentor, my friend  and my everything. she is the reason that brings the whole family together and connect us. I’m very grateful to have a mother like her. And I really hope I become the same mother to my daughter.
I am really blessed to have my sister. My sister is my best friend, my soul mate and my secrets keeper. I’m very grateful to have her.

Of course I’m grateful to have my husband and daughter in my life (my own family). But because Fridays hold special meaning to me, and this Friday being different opened my eyes on things I might have been taken for granted.

Life is too short. Express your love to your loved ones. Spend more time with those who care about you. Be happy and make them happy. And, be sure that your family will always love you no matter what.

Thank you mum and sis for being part of my life. For always being there for me. For advising me and showing me the right path. And most importantly, for loving me back the way I am. I’m grateful to have you both in my life. May God bless you both!





Have a blessed Friday everyone, and remember Family is where life begins and love never ends! 


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