True Friends Are Gems

One of the great things in life is having friends. And by friends I mean real friends. Not those who pretend to care about you, and use your friendship to get what they want and then forget about you; as if you have never existed!

True friends are priceless gems. They are so precious. Once you find them, you must hold on to them and treasure them forever. And, they are the family you have chosen for yourself.




I have a friend who has been part of my family for more than 20 years now. She is a true gem. She cares for me, understands me, cries with me, and also dances with me. We have so many similarities. We both are crazy. Whenever we get excited, we start talking so loudly as if we own the place. And, we both love talking a lot. But, besides that, our differences complete our friendship.

We don’t talk and go out very often, like before –and by before I mean before getting married and having kids. Sometimes, months pass by and we don’t talk. And when we do, we don’t complain about not calling each other, because we both understand that we have busy lives. And, our time doesn’t belong to us only. We just catch up from the last time we met and plan for the next.




I’m so grateful to God that I have her, my best friend. We always support and motivate each other whenever needed. Even though we don’t talk as much as before, deep down we know we are always there for each other despite the lack of time and the life burdens.

Having a friend like that, is really a bless. If you have true friends, then hold on to them because such friends are very rare to find.



Have a blessed Friday, and appreciate your true friend.


5 thoughts on “True Friends Are Gems

  1. Wow, I loved reading it.
    You are so correct, some people pretend to be your friend and then forget about you when they have used you enough.
    Glad to know that you have a real friend, a part of your family… 🙂

  2. nice post, really like it, truly real friends are blessing, sometimes they are closer than family. I love making friends worldwide, this is one of the reasons I started blogging, hope we can be friends also 🙂
    I found your little space in the community pool, so glad I did!! amazing write up!!!keep writing and inspire us….
    Please do visit my blog when time permits, thanks in advance and see you there!

    1. Awww.. thanks a lot Lana ❤ really glad you liked it.. I love making friends worldwide as well and I would love to be friends with you 😊🌷.. I have been to your blog, lovely posts and beautiful experiences that I can relate to ❤ and definitely beautiful kids God bless them 😍💖

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