I Love You, November

By far, the month of November has been the best month for me. A lot of good things happened. Many of my plans have been completed. And, it opened my eyes to many good things I should think of and consider in my life.

As I mentioned before, in a previous post, that November is my favorite because it’s my birthday month. So, by default, November is awesome! Even though, I didn’t do anything special on my birthday, just a small celebration with my family.

Anyway, for the last couple of years, I have been considering Lasik surgery. However, the idea of going through eyes surgery was really intimidating, still is. I have asked my friends who have done it, and they said it is just a simple procedure and you won’t feel anything. Then, I knew that one of my cousins has done it recently. So I asked him, and he said the same thing “very simple, and it doesn’t take time, and you wont feel anything!”. So, on my birthday, I decided to call the clinic and take an appointment. That’s it, this is going to be my present to myself, I said.

Well, the operation didn’t take time. But, yes there is a but, it wasn’t as simple as I have been told. Well, I’m sure it is simple to the doctor, but not to the patient, well at least not to me! One word to describe it, uncomfortable! Anyway, the surgery was done and I was sent home. And, the next 12 hours were the most painful hours of my life! I wasn’t able to open my eyes, neither to close them. My eyes were on fire! I hated myself for taking such decision! Like seriously, why did I do it and my sight was not that bad! I don’t know how those hours passed by, but I’m glad they passed.

Anyhow, it is done and finished. Despite the redness, I can say I’m happy now. And, I can say that this was the most painful birthday gift I have ever got! haha


Bye Bye glasses…


Another important thing happened this month was, that I participated in a Write-a-thon event organized by Emirati writers. I have been following this group of writers for a while on social media, and they always organize such events and gatherings but I have never got the courage to join them. This time, I defeated my shyness, and I joined them. And, I’m glad that I did.


Brainstorming at the event


The event was full of aspiring writers and poets, some already published their first book. I was thrilled to meet them, and learn from them. I left that evening energized, full of ideas to work on, inspired to write more, and motivated to work harder on achieving my dreams.


And I left the event with the best gift ever, a book!


And one last thing, I don’t know how I managed it, but I’m happy that I did. I have finished reading 4 novels this month, of course, 1 was really short and didn’t take much time. That means, I have got book reviews to write. Yup, lots of writing ahead. December is going to be a busy month.


I enjoyed reading for the Emirati authors!


Thank you November, for all your kindness, pains and motivation. And now, I’m ready to start the new month without glasses and with full energy to enjoy what’s left from 2016. Hello, December!



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