If You’ve Got Enough Nerve



While browsing Instagram today, I came across the above quote by J. K. Rowling “Anything’s possible if you’ve got enough nerve“. And, it made me thinking about many things happened in my life in the last couple of years.  And, it triggered different emotions in me, which was mostly regret.

I lost many opportunities in my life because I didn’t have got enough nerve. And, I ran away from facing some of the challenges life threw at me because of fear and self-doubts, and I have always took the easy exit out, when things get tough.

As much as this quote made me feel sad and sorry for myself and the opportunities I let go; it made me realize the change I need to make. Things I need to work on before pursuing my dreams so I don’t freak out at the first obstacle and ran away. And then live in regret and sorrow and blame it on life!

Throughout the last week, I have been busy writing my 2017 goals (soon, I will be posting about how I’m planning my goals differently this year), and getting all excited about it. And now, I am fully aware that I don’t need to set my goals only, but I need to set what I need to do in case I faced an obstacle. And, how to overcome the life challenges, the fear, and doubts in my head.

This quote gave me a different perspective on setting goals. Therefore, I believe I will be setting the challenges I might face while working on achieving my goals, and workout different approaches to overcome them. And never ever let my fear and self-doubt defeat me ever again and take away my dreams. Hopefully this year will be the year I overcome my fears for good.


To a better version of Me in 2017 ….


27 thoughts on “If You’ve Got Enough Nerve

    1. Thanks for your comment dear… Glad to know you have been better 🙂 hopefully, I will be too soon..
      And, hopefully we will be stronger than the challenges of 2017 🙂 and any coming challenges!
      Have a good day 🙂 x

  1. It’s true, a little “if you’ve got enough nerve” can make such difference. I’ve been taking little leaps with little nerve since the end of 2016, writing to name one of them and it turns out better than I expected and I realized that my fears was baseless! Sorry for the ramblings, anw happy new year for you!

    I hope you have much more nerve this year 🙂

    1. Aww.. me too, since the end of 2016 I have been more brave to try things, including blogging and writing 😊 …
      Happy new year to you too Asna 🌷thanks hun and I wish the same for you 😊

  2. Best of luck with making your dreams come true, I’m in the same boat as you what with a book I want to write. Happy New Year!

  3. So glad we met. So, you liked my post, did it help you? Reading your posts in this site is helping me to get a better handle in the plan of our Maker that I am proclaiming. Much love, thiaBasilia.

  4. I love reading the history behind J.K Rowling, Oprah, Steve Jobs, etc. It’s fun to see that even the most successful people struggled, but were courageous enough to get back up again and make opportunities for themselves!

    1. Yes, it is really inspiring to know about them. You realize that it is not only you struggling, and eventually it is going to be a happy ending, only if we keep on going!
      Thanks hun 🙂 … Have a good day!

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