Managing Life, One Change at a Time

Change is always happening in our lives. Change in career. Change in relationships. Change in taste. Change in thoughts. Whether it is good or bad, we have no control over it, and it just happens.


Yesterday I met with one of my close friends. And the last time we met was few months ago. So, when she saw me last night, she said that I have positively changed. “Last time I saw you, you were so down, and it even showed on you looks. But today you look so much better, the way you talk, the way you are dressed. Much better.” She said.

Her words kept me thinking all night about the changes happened in my life, and how I got here. Couple of years ago, I was full of life. Always busy socializing and making new friends. I didn’t have any responsibilities to worry about. All I had to worry about was how to enjoy my time.

Then I had to change my job, which was far from home. And that meant far from my friends and the life I used to have. So, that was a major change in my life, which slowly changed me. Because of my job, I became less social, and less fun. (8 working hours on average + 4 hours daily commute excluding traffic)

And what changed my life drastically were my grandparents passing away. This totally changed my personality, and the way I see life. I stopped seeing my friends. I barely went out. And, I hated everything, even myself.

Getting married and becoming a mom, were the happy changes after that. Life looked happier and prettier with my husband and the little one in it. They shifted my negative thoughts to joyful and content.

Then I quit my job, which I was so happy to do. So I got more time to spend with my family. And be around my little angel. And basically, started having time to live.

But then depression took over me. When I thought I have been over them, all the negative thoughts and experiences happened in my life came back haunting me. For no reason, I started feeling useless, unappreciated and lonely. I started feeling I am not adding anything to life. I’m not making any difference. And that was when I met my friend, who saw me at my lowest point in life.

I couldn’t stay there forever. I had to get back to my original state of mind. I had to clear my head, my heart and my life from all those negative thoughts and experiences I had. I had to fight to get back to my daughter, my family, and myself. I knew if I stayed there, I would be no use to my daughter, to my husband, or to anyone.

And this is when the positive changed happened in my life. I went back to writing. To clear my head. To vent, to cry and to help myself to process everything happened in the last few years and try to get over these changes. And this is what helped me to get back on my feet; actually, get back to life. And, once I changed from the inside, it clearly showed on the outside. And that is what my friend noticed.


What I want to say here is that in just few years, a lot of changes happened, varied from good to bad. I didn’t get any chance to process any of the events. Before I even get the opportunity to get over one, a new change occurred. It was too much for me. It was overwhelming, which is why I fall into a kind of depression (at least this is what I say to comfort myself).

But today, I can say that I’m grateful to all the changes happened in my life; to all the losses and gains; to all the happiness and sadness. If it weren’t for all these changes, I wouldn’t have been who I am today; stronger, braver and a better fighter than yesterday. As they say, what hurts you today makes you stronger tomorrow.

And with this positive attitude, I am sure I will find my way in life.

Have a blessed day beautiful people, and remember if it wasn’t for the change, life would have been dull.

How do you cop with changes in your life? Share your thoughts in the comments section below…


6 thoughts on “Managing Life, One Change at a Time

  1. I stay as positive as I can. For example, my dad lost his job last July, but I still have faith that he’ll find another. And I do my best to help him out however I can.

    1. Sorry to hear about that *hugs*… Hopefully things will change positively very soon..
      There are situations, where you can’t do anything except being positive, and never losing hope that it is just a phase that will end soon..

      1. Thank you! Being positive is actually all I can do for my dad at this point so that’s what I will do. For his sake.

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