Names: Bookshops


Hello dear bloggers,

This is my second entry for the Weekly Photo Challenge: Names.

Last summer, when I was taking a trip around Europe, I made sure to enter every bookshop I find on my way. People look for souvenirs, I look for books to buy. Call me crazy, but this is what I love to do. I bought books from most of the cities I visited, and dedicated them to myself! (Now I do sound crazy, lol!)

And here are some of the bookshops I visited.

Have a good day beautiful people. 🙂


Prague. It was indeed a Palace of Books
Venice. And it says :”Welcome to the most beautiful Bookshop in the World”
Milan. Unfortunately, I was late. But that didn’t stop me from taking a photo, and admiring the books on the window.


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7 thoughts on “Names: Bookshops

    1. Awww me too.. I love being surrounded by books, reading and sniffing haha… being in a bookshop to me is kind of a therapy. For some reasons, I feel relaxed and so inspired!

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