What Have I Got Myself Into?

All what I have been telling myself for the last week is that “what have I got myself into?”

As much as I have been super excited when I registered for the neon run, a month ago; I started to panic, as the day get closer and closer.

I have never participated in a marathon. I either knew about them late, or I was never ready for it. This time, as being part of my holistic living in 2017, a marathon run was on my list. So, that’s why I signed up for it, once I knew about it.

I had 5 weeks to train for the 5k run, and that what encouraged me to sign up. I did train, but not as I have planned for it. I can admit that I have failed in my trainings and this is what scares me the most because I didn’t build enough stamina to keep me going for 5k!

I know I failed in the training, but I don’t want to fail in the run itself. I mean, winning is not my goal, at least not this time. What I am aiming for is to just participate and compete with myself. And see how good or bad I will do, and then for the next run, I would know my level and how much trainings I would need.

I haven’t told you about the worst part yet. My cousins who were supposed to join me in this run, ditched me at last minute. And my friends were not up for the challenge since the beginning. So, I’m running solo! My problem is that in whatever I do, or wherever I go, I look for companion because I hate doing things alone, or going places alone. It feels awkward and uncomfortable! So this is how I am feeling now.

By the way, today is the day of the run! In 8 hours time, the neon run will start. I know I can start, I just hope I make it to the finish line!


6 thoughts on “What Have I Got Myself Into?

    1. Thanks Cheila 🙂 and so sorry for the late reply! but i totally remember reading your comment just before the start of the marathon. Thanks a lot for encouraging me! 🙂
      And it went awesome.. and i learned that i can do things alone! i just needed a little push to leave my comfort zone and i did it :):)

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