About Me

Hi, I’m Abeer

Peace of Mind is the platform I will be using to communicate with the world. I will be sharing my adventures in life, discussing different things we deal with day-to-day, and hopefully making a difference- if not a valuable addition then hopefully a positive change in the society.

A little about what I enjoy:

Reading… to me, books are kind of therapy, especially when I need some motivation to keep on going. I like reading novels, self-development books and sometimes biographies (only if it is written in a very interesting style!)

Writing… it’s my way of express feelings and thoughts. Sometimes, I find it hard to speak up, so I write to make a statement, to scream, to vent, to cry or laugh.

Discovering New Places… whether in town or traveling. This allows me to experience new things/activities/food, meet new people, and learn about new cultures.

Coffee… I don’t consider myself a coffee addict, but it does give me a boost and energizes me to keep on going for the day.

Shopping… which is another type of therapy (I believe some would relate to this). Sometimes only window shopping makes me feel good!

Welcome to my page and I hope you enjoy your stay 🙂


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