Managing Life, One Change at a Time

Change is always happening in our lives. Change in career. Change in relationships. Change in taste. Change in thoughts. Whether it is good or bad, we have no control over it, and it just happens.


Yesterday I met with one of my close friends. And the last time we met was few months ago. So, when she saw me last night, she said Continue reading “Managing Life, One Change at a Time”


There is Always A Bright Side


Regardless of what life brings to you, or what burdens it throws at you, there is always a bright side of everything. And once you focus on your blessings rather than the burdens, you will feel lighter, more content, and more confident that life can be beautiful.

This week, I attended a workshop on Continue reading “There is Always A Bright Side”

Nothing Lasts Forever


There are days when you wake up happy and motivated. Everything goes the way you have planed for. You feel inspired and energized. And by the end of the day you realize that you have been really productive and have achieved a lot.

And then, there are the other days. You are upset and down. You don’t feel like doing anything and so demotivated. Nothing goes the way you have planned for.

So, in this case, the best thing to do to turn this bad day/week/month is Continue reading “Nothing Lasts Forever”