Why Do I Write?

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Most of the times when I want to write, I ask myself what I’ve got to write about. what compels me to write? Everything else has been shared and talked about. What is the new thing I will be adding?

But then I ask myself again what is it for me? How does writing makes me feel? How do I feel after writing?
The answer always is “It makes me Happy”. I always feel content when I’m about to write even when I don’t have ideas to start with. It’s just the thought of writing. I mean the process of it when I look for topics to write about, or discussions I go through that give me ideas to share. I get to learn new things and it also helps me see things differently.

And, most importantly, I write because I need to write. It is my passion. It is my way to feel free and alive.

I don’t have to find a unique topic that no one has written about. I will never find one anyway. But it’s my unique voice. It’s my personal opinions and thoughts that I’ve got to share.

I might not be able to inspire others. But inspiring myself is good enough for me, for a start. Because when I inspire myself I know I will do better and better and eventually will be heard and inspire others; even if it was one or two persons only.

And take it from Sylvia Plath:
“And by the way, everything in life is writable about if you have the outgoing guts to do it, and the imagination to improvise. The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt.”

So I let go all the self-doubts and my fear. Refresh my mind. And start to inspire and be inspired through writing.

So, why do you write? … Share your thoughts.


Read … Think … Write

It’s funny how every time I get ready to start writing, all of a sudden all the ideas disappear! Or in some cases, just like now, all the ideas flow in like a river that I get confused on what to write about and share!

A friend of mine once said that to master blogging you need to have things to write about. And in order to do that, you need to experience new things every day, so you get ideas for your posts.

It’s true and I totally agree with him; because you can’t just write about anything, and by ‘anything’ I mean nonsense stuff! For example, posting things that nobody will read or gain anything from it

However, the problem is not with the experiences. The problem is with transforming those experiences into words. Trying to get your readers to feel, imagine, and picture the experience as if they personally living it. I totally agree with the say “a picture is worth 1000 words”. So, in order to describe the picture you might need at least 1000 words; and that’s the minimum (a personal opinion). Unless you find the “right” words!

So, I’m going to share with you five ways that help me writing:

1. Read. Yes, you got to read a lot. Actually the more you read, the more you will be able to find the “right” words for your writings. Reading will open for you new doors for expressing your ideas. You will also learn the different styles of writing, and will help you to choose the style that suits you and your ideas. And it is not only about building your vocabulary but you will also get new ideas to write about.

2. Write everyday.Make it a habit. The more you write, the easier it will get. As Stephen King has said, writing is a discipline, not a car wash. However, to gain this habit, first you need to know why you are writing and what makes you write?

Whatever the reason is; figure it out! And keep reminding yourself with the reason, because that will trigger you to keep writing.

Brainstorming by freewriting. Set a goal for yourself (100 words or 1000 words a day, just set it & reach it). Mind mapping is also a good way to help you organize your thoughts and plan your article.

3. Write down all ideas immediately. Carry a small notebook with you wherever you go, so anytime you get an idea, you write it down immediately. That’s what writers do 😉 .. You can also carry a small recorder so in case of both your hands were busy (driving for example), you can hit the record and save your idea!

4. Never procrastinate.I believe this is one of the biggest mistakes we make. Because the more we procrastinate and delay things, the longer it takes us to reach our dreams. Procrastination was never a solution to anything. So be careful, and never procrastinate!

5. Relax, play and don’t force it. The ideas will flow. Don’t stress yourself. Listen to music. Change your place. Take a shower or go out. Refresh and come back to write.

And at the end, don’t forget to have fun while writing.

Happy writing 🙂

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Closet Writer

Since I was kid, I used to write a lot. One of my favorite hobbies was writing letters to my mum; either telling her how much I love her and thanking her for everything she did for me, or apologizing in case I have upset her (which was, thankfully, only for once!).

Therefore, writing was one of the ways I used to communicate with mum or anyone else. I always found it easier to express myself in written than verbal; because sometimes, it is hard to find the right words to say in some situations. However, when you write, you have all the time to get the right words to deliver your message to the reader.

But, in the middle of growing up, getting busy with high school, teenage life and then college and work life; unfortunately, writing got forgotten and lost. My favorite way of communicating with the outer world vanished. The only thing I thought I was really good at was gone! Even though throughout all those years, mum kept on encouraging me to get back to writing, but it was hard to get back on track!

And now that I decided to get back to writing, I feel I lost the way..! The path that was leading me to creative writing is no longer straight..! I have gained some kind of fears called fear of writing… Writing is no longer the fun thing to do. Actually it became frightening thing to do. The idea of exposing yourself and ideas to everyone to read started terrifying me!! Knowing that you will be judged and criticized is a scary thing! And having all those negative “what if..?” questions running in my head… “What if nobody reads for me?” “What if I run out of ideas?” “What if somebody tells me my writing is horrible? ….

And to shorten the story, I became a ‘closet writer’!

And, one day… after discussing my fear with one of my dearest friends, she told me this:

“If you didn’t try, you will never know! And if you didn’t practice, you will never learn! And if you didn’t start, you will never fulfill your dream!.. People criticize no matter what, so it is your choice to take the good and leave the bad. So, don’t let the fear stop you and START!”

So, here I am… Taking my friend’s advice and facing my fears… It was kind of a hard decision, but I’m sure it was the right one! And, as Bill Cosby said:

“In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure.”

Therefore, in order to succeed, I must defeat my fears and never think of failure. After all, there is no such thing as failure, but only lessons!